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Dan's AngularJS Learning Club (DALC) meets at Hacker Dojo during weekend afternoons.

DALC is open to the public.

DALC is a framework for learning any technology related to developing and operating a popular AngularJS site.

First on the list, of course, is AngularJS. Next, we study JavaScript.

Then we study any technology or computer language which seems worthy of attention:

Linux, Git, Design Patterns, Utilities, HTML5, CSS3, Ruby, Python, Java, C++, Data Storage and other topics.

The learning method is to attempt focus on AngularJS. Next, when we encounter a topic worthy of study, we follow that trail far enough to gain value. Then we return our attention to AngularJS.

A second learning method we do is to just follow online content: tutorials, blogs, videos, and books.

A third way to learn is to build, deploy, and operate a variety of popular AngularJS sites. It is important to follow this third way as soon as possible. Getting stuck on the second learning method is not productive.

The first few meetings of DALC have been announced:

DALC Links and Handouts:


AngularJS Links/Bookmarks

Handout: Dev Env setup

Handout: git clone, git checkout

Handout: Hello AngularJS World

Handout: AngularJS, Questions, Answers

Handout: Deploy Angular Phonecat to Heroku

Handout: Introduction to AngularJS Unit Testing

Handout: Introduction to AngularJS End to End (E2E) Testing